Cyprus Citizenship Program in contrast to Citizenship programs of other countries.

ResultEU PassportEU PassportPassport of St. Kits and Nevis
Time to obtain passport3 months6-12 months4-6 months
Amount of investment2-2.5 million350.000 euro in real estate or leasing for minimum 16.000 euro. Plus 150.000 euro in Government approved financial instruments. Main applicants are required to make 650.000 euro contribution to the National Development and Social Fund.400.000 USD
DonationnoFor spouse and minor childrenOptional
Duration for the investment to be kept3 years5 years5 years
InvestmentProperties/real estate, participation in a Cyprus company, government bonds, combinationBonds and real estateDonation or Real estate
Residency requirement6 months before obtaining citizenship12 months before obtaining citizenshipNo
Dual or Multiple citizenshipMultipleDualDual
Visa free travel, residence and work in EUUnlimitedUnlimitedFree travel in Schengen countries and UK, limited to 180 days a year


The advantages of Cyprus’ Citizenship program are:

  • Investment programs in Cyprus are thriving and vary in numerous sectors.
  • These investments are not limited to just one, but instead they can be combined.
  • Cyprus is a low risk investment destination with an aptitude for high returns.
  • A donation to the Cyprus government is not necessary.
  • A time-spam of three years is provided for the acquirement of the investment.
  • The E.U passport approval can be obtained in just three months.
  • The investment sum in comparison to other countries’ is considerable lower.
  • It is not required that the applicant should be residing in Cyprus after the Citizenship is granted.