Some of our Support Services

These are just some examples on the services that we can provide you.

  • Advice and guidance before and during the necessary Citizenship procedures in relevance to the financial criteria and conditions.
  • Examine and assess the most effective ways of proceeding, based on your specific circumstances and aptitudes.
  • Conduct a pre-clearance assessment from the Ministries involved.
  • Thorough assistance with the preparation of the requested documents.
  • Assess whether the applications packs hold the quality standards we seek
  • Continuous checks, personal evaluations and interference to the proceedings of the procedure.
  • Frequent updates regarding the progress of the procedure.
  • After the acquirement of the Citizenship, we shall be present to assist you with acquiring the Cyprus passport and Identity card for each of the family members.


What should be expected from our firm

  • Detailed knowledge of the applicable legislation and processes to guarantee positive applications.
  • Extended experience in effective preparation, execution and processing for all citizenship applications.
  • Continuous collaboration with the Authorities (when necessary senior team members oversee this)
  • Confidentiality
  • Stress-free procedure. All issues which may arise will be met by our capable team. Our tailored services guarantee that the necessary regulatory requirements shall be met.