Why choose Cyprus

You may ask yourself why Cyprus would be the optimum choice for you and how this tiny Mediterranean island is one of the hottest holiday and business destinations. Here are some of the reasons which led Cyprus to this position.

Amazing weather conditions and a healthy environment

One of the strongest advantages of Cyprus is undoubtedly the weather. It is one of the few European countries with such warm weather even during the winter months. Despite this, Cyprus has wonderful mountains which in the winter attract hundreds of skiers into their slopes.

Cyprus is an environment friendly country. There are no heavy industries on the island and therefore there is no pollution. Cyprus’ has just 1 million residents who love and try to keep their island clean, especially the beaches which are proudly among the cleanest in the world. A prove to these efforts, are the “Blue Flags” international certificates which Cyprus beaches receive each year.

A comfortable and safe lifestyle

Criminality in Cyprus is almost non-existing. Cyprus residents enjoy this sense of safety and discourage actions which could damage their safety or others’. All cities and villages in Cyprus are inviting and safe and there are no dangerous spots.

Because of its size Cypriots know each other and exhibit their familiarity through casual chats in the street, cafeterias or even their local bakery. Forgetting your wallet or purse in Cyprus does not lead to an awkward situation but instead you may return later to pay for what you have already purchased.

As a nation, Cyprus is democratic and human-oriented. Cypriots are renowned for their hospitality. They are accepting people willing to welcome anyone into their communities. The majority of Cypriots are fluent English speakers as they greatly value communication with other foreign residents and tourists. Moreover it is not uncommon for Cypriots to marry foreigners.

The standards of living are high

Cyprus has been a European member since 2004 and in the Eurozone since 2008.

The GDP has indicated that Cyprus has reached Italy.

Cyprus has state of the art hospitals and because of the high quality Healthcare system the average lifetime in Cyprus is 78 years for men and 81 for women.

Quality in education

Cyprus is considered an education centre in the Mediterranean area with the best secondary schools. Cypriot citizens can choose between private and public schools, both equally qualitative.

In all Cyprus cities there numerous schools to choose from and there are also English, Russian and Greek private schools.

Immigration ease

The laws governing the immigration policies are rather lax. Any individual who purchases a property exceeding €300,000 is entitled to a lifelong citizenship. The procedure for this usually lasts up to 2 months.

Another way to receive the Cyprus Citizenship is through investing in the Cyprus economy.

Low taxes

Cyprus holds one of the lowest company taxes in whole of Europe at 12.5%

Property transactions executed from the 16th of July 2015 until the 31st of December 2016, will not require Capital Gain Tax.

Individuals who have not been tax paying citizens for 17 years out of 20 years are called non-domiciled and are excluded from various taxes such as rental income, bank loan deposit interest formed worldwide and/or Cyprus or dividend tax and inheritance tax.

Innovative industries

In the last five years major gas deposits have been discovered within the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus which may amount to 300-3000% of GDP.

This gas is expected to be extracted in 2019.

Another grant investment which is about to take place is the construction of the largest casino in Europe. This is expected to attract an additional 2.3 million tourists per year which in comparison to its 858.000 residents is an enormous figure.

Investment opportunities

The discovery of gas deposits in the bottom of the Mediterranean unravels a great investment chance as the preparations for the unearthing will start as of 2017. The gas revenues are anticipated as vast and shall increase Cypriots’ income as well as it will improve their financial aptitudes. This will undoubtedly result in property prices rising.

Famous international companies, both European and non-European, have selected Cyprus and have transferred their headquarters here. Others have opened branches or representations to Cyprus due to the low taxes and minimum bureaucracy.


It does not matter whether you are purchasing a holiday property or transferring your business ventures in Cyprus, Cyprus will offer you a prosperous, comfortable and enjoyable way of life. It is a welcoming country with excellent weather conditions, happy citizens and a warm atmosphere. It is no wonder that 1 out of 5 residents in Cyprus are foreigners.